Thursday, April 21, 2011

How to increase business

This post will have a slightly different subject matter but one that is of great importance to all of us and that's how to increase your business.  There is no doubt that times are tough right now in the NY real estate market.  We are all searching for new business and trying to find ways to get ahead.  many times, we marvel at how the top producer do it.  How can they consistently get more business than me?  There are simple explanations.....

Ever hear of the scientific term "Occam's Razor"?  Although misunderstood, the popular version of what it means is "the simplest explanation is most likely the correct one." We all know it and understand it, yet fail to do it as often as we  It is the lynchpin, the key, the whole kitten kaboodle.  here are some suggestions on how to market yourself:

1.  Ask yourself EVERY day the following question- "what have I done to market myself today?"

2.  Keep a database of old and new clients.  Know their e mail addresses and phone numbers.  Always stay in front of them.

3.  Send them a happy birthday e mail or an interesting article.

4.  Write a blog. (haha)

5.  Keep poeple informed about things that interest them, not you.

6.  Lunch, coffee or drinks.

7.  Join a networking group. (Man, I hate those).

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