Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Does Twitter really grow my business?

Let's start with the following statement-I really like Twitter.  I find it fun, thought provoking and informative.  Wherever I turn, I hear that social media is the way to go.  It's the wave of the present and future and if you aren't doing it, you are in the dark ages.  Is it really?

From a pure social standpoint, its great.  But is it helping me actually grow my business?  Since I have only been "tweeting" for a few months, I decided to ask a real estate agent that is a veteran of the business and more importantly, a veteran of Twitter.  His tweets, people who follow him and people he follows are in the thousands.  Surely, I could get some positive feedback from him on how Twitter has helped him grow his business.  Surely, he would be able to tell me a wonderful story about how a tweet he sent regarding the increase in purchase transactions struck a chord with someone and how they contacted him immediately to be come their real estate agent and how he sold them a $2,000,000 property. 

I started out delicately asking him how he can constantly come up with new things to tweet about.  I mentioned that I have done like 100 tweets and I feel like I have nothing left to say.  (That could be due to the fact that I don't use Twitter to let people know what dressing I had with my oriental chicken salad or where I would be at 3:12 PM).  OK.  Let's  get back to the story.  He said that it's hard work and required time, effort and dedication.  I then asked him the $64,000 question as to whether this has helped his business and his answer-I don't know.  There it was.  Thousands of tweets, endless hours of work finding informative articles and writing witty things and it's an "I don't know".  Boy, that didn't fill me with hope.  My mind started to race. "Left behind"? "In the dark ages if you don't do it"?

Maybe others were and are having great success with it so that begged the question-what am I doing wrong?  Wait a minute.  Am I actually doing something wrong?  For the most part, I try to give informative information and I target real estate agents, attorneys and potential borowers.  Information that will help them on a daily basis and help grow their business.  It could be a good article that I found or just something new in regards to underwriting or rate changes.  Surely, that would attract people to follow me, right?  Not yet.  I'm mostly getting real estate consulting firms in places like Kenosha Wisconsin to follow me.  Don't get me wrong, Wisconsin is a wonderful state and they make great cheese but it's not really the target audience that I am trying to attract.

Maybe I wasn't doing this the proper way so I set out searching the internet with queries like-"how to increase twitter followers" and I find some of the information interesting and somewhat of a help but after reading all that stuff, the basics of how to attract people are all the same.

Are there not enough people in residential real estate using it?  And for those that are, are they mostly using it for social purposes and not business?  Does the social aspect of it attarct business?  I think that's what many would say but I am not interesting in telling my life story so I won't go there.  Am I not giving it enough time?  Yes, that must be it.  I am too impatient and these things take time, right?  Then I think about my real estate friend that has been doing this for years and has tweeted thoudsands of times and I keep hearing the same thing in my head-"I'm not sure".  Oh boy.


  1. Yes, I agree that those social media site is one of the most effective to promote for any types of business. Vancouver mortgage refinancing

  2. Here are some tips to make your business promotion successful in Twitter: You have to appear as “human” as possible. Make your Twitter photo a picture of yourself. That way, your followers will believe that they are talking to a real person. Moreover, make your Twitter bio short yet straight to the point. It’s one of the factors that convince people to decide whether they’ll follow you or not. Lastly, try to converse and don’t hesitate to have small talk with your followers.

  3. Truth is, it doesn’t require you to work hard as much as it requires you to work “smart.” Finding the right people in Twitter will give you an audience. If you have a food business, but you keep following people who are into modeling and skinny jeans, I doubt you will ever get noticed. It is all about finding the right “tweet,” so that they can “retweet” about your business =)

    @Sage Aumick